Guangzhou Uniasia Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd., with a history of over 20 years, settling at Guangzhou Science Town where gathers world famous hi-tech enterprises with a beautiful scenery.       More>>

Corporate Culture

We depend on our own hands to create the happiness but not wait for it. The God always stand on industrious people’s side.  More>>


Corporate Honors

In September 2016, Uniasia won the honorable tile of “intelligent manufacturing pilot project in Guangdong Province in 2016” and “pilot for Internet and Industry Integrative Innovation in Guangdong Province in 2016 ”
In August 2016, Uniasia won the second prize of “the key technology for whitening active ingredient R & D and whitening cosmetics preparation” granted by the Light Industry Association of Guangdong Province        More>>

R&D Strength

Since the establishment, Uniasia is devoted to providing top and hi-tech cosmetic products, and has cooperated with South Korean NABION (Co., Ltd.), South China University of Technology and Kunming Medical College with several technical achievements.   More>>

Uniasia Staffs

Uniasia Pledge Annual Collects the Strength of All Staffs
Enterprisewhich doesn’t have mission can’t walk far. Uniasia Pledge Annual intents to constantly strengthening the enterprise mission of “creating top products for consumers     More>>


On December 18, 2007, the first cosmetic culture museum in China --- Guangdong Uniasia Beauty & Cosmetic Museum was formally established. Uniasia Group and the founder Mr. Hu Xingguo, Ms Wu Zhiqing bravely undertook the historical responsibility,      More>>

Social Welfare

The founder and staffs of Uniasia deeply realize that the flourishing development and brilliant success of Uniasia depend on the efforts of all Uniasia staffs, benefits the opening policy of the party and country and the care and support of gentries of all levels       More>>



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